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A Season of Healing is a dedicated time in a person’s life focusing on the past wounding and spiritual agreements that hinder them from knowing God as He is. We see discipleship through the scriptures, binding up the brokenhearted, healing the sick, casting out demons, the blessing of a relationship with the Lord, and alignment with His kingdom.

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Recognizing the need for healing and breakthrough is a significant first step towards walking in the fullness of healing offered through the finished work of the Cross. The goal of this course is to help the individual move from desiring to heal to guiding you through steps and principles of emotional healing from a Biblical worldview. Topics include understanding the two kingdoms, knowing God as judge, dealing with pain, forgiveness, how family relationships and religious doctrines impact our receiving from the Lord, and more. We have included additional video demonstrations and practical, emotional healing tools to apply to your journey, helping you connect on a deeper level with the Lord. All classes and homework are self-paced and do not require contact with the instructor. If at any time you have questions or feel stuck, we have a team waiting to help. They will answer questions and encourage you through the healing journey as needed.

The coursework is excellent preparation (but not required) for those new to inner healing concepts, someone considering a season of healing with trained facilitators, or those desiring ongoing training to minister to others.

Do people seem drawn to you to share their hearts but you are unsure what to do next? Do you see others around you hurting and would like to effectively help them overcome their personal struggles in Biblical ways? Or maybe you wish to further your training and grow in your understanding of the Biblical perspective on inner healing and deliverance? If these questions apply to you then this class may be a great next step!

Reconciliation Ministry is the experience and facilitation of drawing more fully in Spirit and truth into the heart of God both for yourself and others. With 20 years of experience walking others to freedom, You Are Worthy Ministries is offering a 14-week class focusing on training individuals on the principles of healing and deliverance from the perspective of future facilitation as ministers.

If training from an inner healing and deliverance minister perspective is not your intent, You Are Worthy Ministries also offers a personal healing track for individuals wanting foundational principles to enhance their personal walk with the Lord. If you are interested in this personal track, this option will be released soon! Please check back in with us for this exciting new update!

This class includes

-An over 250-page printed training manual

-Specific tools and video demonstrations on


-Biblical justice

-Generational sin


-Inner vows

-Soul ties

-The 16 strongholds identified in scripture

-and more!

Classes will be held online via zoom weekly Mondays 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST from August 14th – November 13th. Cost for the class and all included materials is $300. Payments can be made in installments negotiated directly with the instructor, and limited scholarships are available. If you complete the Reconciliation Ministry class training, then you will be eligible to consider an internship with You Are Worthy Ministries that focuses on facilitating healing and deliverance ministry.

Everyone MUST REGISTER no later than July 31st by directly scheduling a connection meeting with You Are Worthy Ministries through our website at youareworthyministry.com. Please feel free to share and send questions our way if further information is needed.